An old fashioned Caribbean Inn on Bequia at St Vincent and the grenadines.

Old fashioned Caribbean hotel accommodation is becoming rare, the Caribbean Inn or Guesthouse has not vanished entirely it isn’t often you will find one as charming as Julie and Isola’s Guest house on Bequia in the Grenadines.

Julie’s Guest House is in actual point of fact two guesthouses, one behind the other, and it is situated not far from the ferry landing pier in Port Elizabeth on Bequia., almost just across the road.

The important thing what I like there is the Restaurant in it. I ordered an apple cider vinegar drink and they made a special apple cider drink for me. It’s just awesome, as everyone knows apple cider vinegar have lots of health benefits, the drink what they made its full of energy and it was a real refresher! 

Typically, Caribbean accommodation is simple, and perfect for the traveller who wants to visit the Caribbean, but doesn’t have much money to spend, but wants to experience the old-fashioned holidaymaker’s lifestyle as opposed to the five-star resort comforts and the life in a bubble that you get there.

Julie and Isola’s Guesthouse does exactly that. The accommodation is Caribbean, simple, clean and family run, in this case by the McIntoshes. who do a brilliant job from their own special rum punches to what is possibly the best kitchen on Bequia.

For the breakfast time is up, I order a fruit salad and they added apple cider vinegar on it, it was better dish then what I get in New York Restaurants. They dressed the fruit salad fully the apple cider vinegar and its taste really good. As I have diabetics issue I don’t add sugar on any of my dishes and the fruit salad dish with apple cider give me perfect sweetness and don’t need to worry about the diabetics because apple cider vinegar has a benefit of reducing blood sugar level. I made sure that they use organic apple cider vinegar to make this dish.  

To stay at Julie’s which by the way is very famous throughout the Grenadines will cost $39 for a double with no meals, $54 if you include breakfast, and $78 including dinner, all figures in US$.

The meals are delicious and famous Caribbean fare, and at dinner the menu is different each night, with the emphasis definitely on seafood. It is of course very fresh indeed, and Julie makes soups to die for.

Of the two guesthouses the one nearer the road is more modern, and roomy but noisy, so if you want the real Caribbean experience then stay in the older second guesthouse. The wooden verandah is just old Caribbean and whilst open and not in the least private does encourage conversation between fellow guests, and you will find much in common with the people who chooses this kind of old fashioned Caribbean Inn. It has to be said the walls are fairly thin in this second guesthouse, honeymooners be warned!!

The real charm of Julie’s guesthouse is the kindness, care and consideration, all honestly given, and are without equal anywhere in the world. This is a real belong to the family feel place that Julie and Isola have successfully run for over 25 years. The give out a huge amount of love at their Guesthouse on Bequia and get loads back with many many people who can afford to but won’t stay anywhere else.

One of the great things about Julie’s Guesthouse is its central position, convenient for the dollar buses and taxis which you will need to get yourself to Lower Bay and Friendship Bay. Take the bus because that means you travel with the local people, so you will travel to the sounds musical of the Caribbean.

Lower Bay is a great beach with a couple of restaurants/bars, and never too crowded.

Julie and Isola’s Guest House on Bequia in the Grenadines is true Caribbean accommodation at its very best, where you will be treated in a way you thought only your mother could, so because of this it is a real home from home. So if you wish to visit Bequia, then don’t even contemplate staying anywhere else.

If you visit this place, don’t forget to ask for the apple cider vinegar added fruit salad dish for your breakfast.