Be on a show

Dana's VP of vehicle technology, Seth Metzger, will be showcased as some paths are driven by the hosts out west. A pair of Dana Inc.'s altered Jeep Wranglers will be featured rolling across the red rock streams near Moab, Utah, in a soon-to atmosphere Video adventure show on the History channel. The episode with Dana was filmed throughout the Easter Jeep Safari in Apr. It is scheduled to air at 7: 30 a.m. Sunday. It gets people to what it is like on the market exposed, said VP of vehicle technology at Dana, Seth Metzger. Mr. Himself an off road enthusiast, Metzger, served leading their convoy of Wranglers the Top of the World trail. 

Dana has for many years been involved with the Easter Jeep Safari, which is among the largest four wheel drive gatherings within the country. Officials said about filming an episode during the 20, the company was approached by the producers of the show this year. The company hosts a handful of trail rides during the 9 day. Metzger said on is The Best Way To Get There mirrors these events, what will be shown. Officials said there's an excellent mixture of specialized and driving details. The Blade achieved through their web site to the manufacturers of the show, but got no response. For Dana, the fourteen days around the Easter Jeep Safari supply a possibility to collect information and do development and testing for some of its mild automobile products.