Health benefits of green tea can make your lifestyle better.

Green tea has lots of good benefits, let s check out some the best benefits of it. Green tea was utilized to treat everything in headaches to depression. The leaves are supposedly richer in anti-oxidants than other types of tea due to the way they're processed. One of the main benefits of green tea is it contains B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, caffeine along with other anti-oxidants, notably catechins. All types of oolong, black and green are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea leaves are from the plant are treated with organic fertilizers to produce good quality green tea, whilst the leaves of oolong and tea involve fermentation. 

Its benefits to control on combat disease, reduce cholesterol, green tea is alleged to boost fat reduction, and prevent Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Newsplus had teamed to examine if the proof supports the health benefits claims made about green tea. 

Our study was about the evidence on green tea, does drinking green tea protect your health? An overview from 2009 involving 51 studies, with over 1.6 million participants, also seemed for an association between drinking green tea and cancers of this intestine, breast, prostate, lungs and mouth. 

The newsplus study team concluded evidence of a connection between cancer and green tea was weak and thoroughly contradictory. When along with a drug named Herceptin, which is utilized in treating breast and stomach cancer. The latest study looked in the cancer patient and found green tea benefits them to reduce the growth of cancer the one who use it for long-term. This author of the review about green tea health benefits caution that all of the studies were short term and more good quality long term trials have been required to back up their findings. 

One other good quality green tea review in 2011 found drinking green tea enriched together with catechins led to a small loss in cholesterol, a main cause of coronary disease and stroke. Nevertheless, it is still not clear from the signs how much green tea we would need to drink to see a positive effect on our health, or what this long-term effect of drinking green tea are on our overall health. Can green tea benefits in preventing or delay Alzheimer's disease? Evidence of a positive connection between drinking green tea and Alzheimer's disease can be feeble. A 2010 laboratory study utilizing animal cells found a green tea preparation rich in anti-oxidants protected against the neurological cell death associated together with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. 

Whether these laboratory results about the green tea can be reproduced in human trials remains to be seen. As such, the findings don't conclusively show green tea combats Alzheimer's disease. Can green tea lower blood pressure? A 2014 survey of data in previously published studies seemed at the signs of whether drinking green tea can help lower blood pressure level. There was evidence of a modest loss in individuals with high blood pressure level who consumed green tea.

Green Tea Side Effects

An unproved statement is on some internet reviews says that green tea has side effects on the one who take medicine for Eczema. But a study done by a health magazine in US states that the way is to go for Eczema treatment that is natural and can’t find any side effects on 1000 people who attended the survey who use green tea while in the medication for Eczema.

Some branded medicines make allergy on skin for regular user of green tea, alternative branded medicine provide the required mild and soft treatment for the skin. These remedies are extremely effective and don't have any major side effects. 

Anti-biotics and drugs may provide respite, but do not stop the accumulation of toxins within your body. With natural treatment you will not only have the ability to reduce the itching and rashes, but also reduce and get rid. Good results have been produced by application of oil or coconut oil for treating eczema symptoms. 

This oil provides the effect that is essential and helps in reducing the inflammation. Regularly consuming green tea enhances the immunity system and helps in removing the toxins. This process is facilitated by degrees of present in tea. If you may have 3 always to 5 cups of green tea daily, you'll find a good improvement. Hazel liquid has anti-inflammatory properties that are exceptional and is used as a natural treatment frequently. Every day apply the solution and you'll find a clean and glowing skin in couple weeks. Drinking fresh juices and eating lots of vegetables and fruits help in enhancing the condition of your skin. Try some of the eczema natural treatment choices to see what works for you. You can have always to do some experimentation before you get the right remedy which does the trick for you.

As like every tea, green tea has high volume of caffeine contains in it. High amount of caffeine cause health issues like anxiety, shakiness and nervousness. Regular users of green tea suffer from caffeine health issues.

Iron absorbing ability of the human body will lose the regular usage of green tea. Lack of iron content in the body can cause another serious health issues too. Green tea also not work well with some medicines, its can cause side-effects.  

The green tea benefits claim, its work for cancer prevention, but a study says the over usage of green tea can cause the growth of cancer cells.

A health care expert says there is no connection between green tea and cholesterol level deduction. 

Excess of caffeine can get side-effects of tremors, abdominal pain and etcetera. The people who are very sensitive in the use of caffeine, should avoid using green tea. According to study’s 400 gm of caffeine usage is ideal for a day, excess usage of caffeine cause side effects. 

Actually, the green tea side effects it depends on the quality of the product, most of the international brands maintain the quality standards and its free from the side effects. The low quality Chinese products should check the quality before the use, it may cause side effects. 

The major side effects of green tea are stomach problems.

The high content of caffeine in the green tea is negatively affect your health, the higher amount of caffeine affects acetic acid and it cause digestive problems. Abdominal pain and nausea are the by-products of it. The low quality green tea can create problems for the one who suffer in gastric cancer. The medical expert’s advice to all regular users of green tea to visit a doctor, if they suffer from any abdominal pain. It can be a side effect of the low quality green tea. Reduce the intake of caffeine to lead a healthy and happy life.  

Other side effects of green tea its reduce the Iron deficiency.

According to a health care research centre in Spain, excess usage of green tea lead to the deficiency of iron and cause anemia. Lack of iron reduce the haemoglobin and it lead to a serious issue of reducing red blood cells. The body muscles haven’t get enough oxygen and it cause paining on the body. The deficiency of the iron leads an unpleasant life style.     

The content of the Egcg in the green tea have rich presence of myeloperoxidase and it leads to inflammation. Its another side effects of green tea. 

Tannins also a content that had in green tea, it reduces the capacity to absorb iron from foods and leads a week health. Having green tea with lemon can increase the absorb of iron content from food. The people who are a regular user of green to should add more vitamin C food to the meals, it helps to increase the iron deficiency.

A study report done by Phoenix university shows that green tea has a content called polyphenol and its reduce the intake of iron content. 

Headache is another side effects of green tea. Lack of iron deficiency cause headache in regular green tea users. You can avoid headache by adding more water while making the tea. Add two cups of water in one green tea pouch and drink a light green tea and avoid the chance of headache.

Dizziness is another side effect in green tea users. Normally dizziness has been seen in the regular user of green tea who drinks more then 12 cups (10 grams) of strong tea daily. Now days the green tea manufactures are made varieties of green tea with flavours like, green tea with ginger, lemon, herbal, honey etc. The adding flavours were not quality product it can also cause headache for the green tea users.

Insomnia is another side effects of green tea  

Coffee and tea keep away the sleep, it’s a universal truth. The green tea users also claim the same issue with green tea. It can avoid to reducing the intake of green tea and avoid drinking green tea at night. Excess intake of caffeine content in the green tea cause the sleep less side effects. Caffeine content in the green tea cause lots of side effects Insomnia is an another one. It stimulates the body nervous systems and interrupt the sound sleep. The medical professionals not advice the green tea usage of pregnant women. Insomnia can cause the pregnant women by the excess use of green tea.   

Variation in heartbeat is also a side effects of green tea.

Excess intake of caffeine is creating issues for heart as well, Green tea increase the heart rates, and it cause the irregularity in the heartbeat, the variation in the heart beat can make week the heart performance. And this stage will transform to another heart decease called tachycardia; this stage will be an irritation on chest. Angina is another heart diseases is the side effect of the green tea content caffeine. If any regular user of low quality green tea had heart pain or feeling uncomforted, consult your doctor.    

A study conducted by Phoenix collage in Peru, published the side effect of green tea cause heart diseases.  

Vomiting is an unusual side effects of green tea.

Normal usage of green tea has lots of benefits as we described in the above article. Sometimes green tea cause health issues for the regular users. Vomiting is one of the side effects that reported in a Brazilian health magazine. Un quality green tea products have excess amount of cardine content in the green tea and it work with caffeine and produce an enzyme it causes vomiting. Nausea is also the by-product of the enzyme.

Diarrhea is the next side effects of green tea.

Green tea has been creating health issue for it new users since china started producing low quality green tea. The same low-quality tea had marked all over the world. A study says 50% of people had diarrhea when they use green tea in the first time. Caffeine content in the green tea is another reason for to get diarrhea for the regular users. Excess usage of green tea also a reason for the diarrhea. The one who suffer from diarrhea should reduce the use of green tea for better health life. Drinking green in the empty stomach in the morning can get the diarrhea. Instead of having green in the empty stomach try it with the breakfast, it will give a positive result. Having green tea with meals will reduce the intake of caffeine and it reduce the chance for the diarrhea.