Indian actress and model Maushmi Udeshi about her future project and plans.

To give u a basic idea about Maushmi Udeshi, she is a well-known Mumbai based model and actress who mainly work in Bollywood movies as the main female lead roles. Maushmi Udeshi have done Campaigns like Nescafe, Montecarlo, Galaxy Chocolates etc.. Some famous music videos like Bally Sagoos Noorie, Nitin Bali's Neele Neele Ambar, Jaan for Tseries are the best in the Maushmi Udeshi’s portfolio. Maushmi’s 'The Tight-Rope Walker' which was selected in Venice Film Festival in d Best 10 Films in the short film category where she played the title lead.

Kamdhenu Group of Company had signed the contract with Maushmi Udeshi as their brand ambassador for their industrial products. G-Five Mobile, Stretchnil are other two brands in her portfolio. Maushmi Udeshi done an Item Song for Priyadarshan's Bollywood film 'BhagamBhag' and for some south Indian movie too. 'Oh! Priyatama' is one of the telungu move by Udeshi.

As far as her new modelling work is concerned Maushmi Udeshi is on the cover of effective Adcom Magazine in October, 2016 issue along with an Interview with Maushmi is also published inside it. Maushmi Udeshi’s new TV commercial going to launch on all media by January 2018 for Sunray Solar Water-Heater & Royal Honey. She was very happy about the calendar design and distribution of Royal Honey at every Indian shops. Maushmi Udeshi recent update was on Ethnicity Magazine as the cover girl.

An Arty feature film 'Parakashtha' is the new film and Maushmi Udeshi is the solo female lead in the film. This film is officially selected in Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) in Feature Films Category.

Maushmi Udeshi is now planning to expand her career area to an International platform. She welcomes all casting agency and model management firms who handles international brands.

Maushmi Udeshi about casting couch in Bollywood movie industry.

Udeshi a model and actress who made her name at her first advertising campaign of nestle coffee brands. After that Maushmi did a topless shoot for a calendar design and made another impact in Mumbai fashion industry. Maushmi Udeshi is specialized for music videos and some the video got millions of views in the youtube. Udeshi worked with Bollywood top actor’s like Akshay kumar and Govinda. Maushmi,s top Bollywood movie is Bhagam Bhag was made by director Priyadershan. Maushmi Udeshi recently talked to media the Bollywood film industry is corrupted with casting couch. According to Udeshi, if the actress has good connection in the film industry then it safe, other wise you have from a top film actor or actress family.

Maushmi Udeshi started her film career at the age of 14, and from the last 10 years she made some good work in ad films and music videos, also worked with some good Bollywood and south Indian movies too, it’s a proud moment all this are achieved without compromised on any ethics and values. The career life was little tough, its never went the way she planned, but no need to regret now, at least able to hold values. Maushmi added to it. As Maushmi Udeshi was very choosy in the work, never need to compromise on quality and the personal values.      

According to Maushmi Udeshi the film industry if it is Bollywood, South Indian or North Indian the industry has common nature in casting an actress. If the actress from the Industry’s top actor or film maker family then its easy for to survive without much trouble. Other wise you have face the casting couch and take a hard decision to drop the offer. The tough situation exists in the industry still today and Udeshi added there are some film makers are not in to it and they believe in the talent and dedication, that’s way she got new movie Parakashth and Maushmi Udeshi doing the main role in it. The film Parakashtha made by Jagmohan Kapoor.   

Maushmi confesses the film industry is not easy for the one holds some values, it’s a tough place to move on. As Udeshi was not ready to any kind of compromise, she loses some good role by now, but she is happy with whatever she has by now. 

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