Indian actress Parvathy Menon lodges complaint against cyber attacks.

Condemning the internet attacks, Minister Mr. Isaac had tweeted they were deplorable and praised Actress Parvathy Menon for earning Kerala thrilled by winning the best actress award at IFFI. Parvathy Menon had been brutally trolled and abused on various online platforms by the veteran performer's fans.

Though Parvathy Menon did not revealed that the actor-name, According to her the film had disappointed Parvathy as it featured a wonderful actor mouthing "misogynistic dialogues". Kasaba The Qarib Qarib Singlle celebrity had recently called the dialogues in Kasaba 'misogynistic'. To prove her point, Parvathy Menon said she had lately watched Kasaba.

Known for the variety of functions in various languages such as Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi, Parvathy Menon ripped the 'Best Actress' award in the recently concluded International Film Festival of India. According to authorities, a case has been registered from the Ernakulam South Police in this respect.

Parvathy Menon had also said such type of dialogues from a superstar would give a wrong impression for individuals.

For an open forum organised on the sidelines of the recently held International Film Festival of Kerala, she voiced her view against glorifying misogyny on screen and expressed concern about the lack of girls perspective in film.

Award-winning actor Menon, who had been trolled on FB for commenting against a few dialogues in top actor Mammootty's film, on Tuesday lodged a police complaint.

About actress Parvathy Menon

Parvathi again teamed up with Puneet Rajkumar at Prithvi, which was based on the political scenario in Karnataka.  The director has allowed Parvathy Menon for its function when writing the script and her re-collaboration with Puneet after the achievement of Milana, was built up by the press.  Although the film opened to positive reviews, critics noted the little scope that Parvathy's character had in the movie, noting that "she was largely restricted to the tunes".  Her Malayalam movie City of God, which was directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, opened to mixed reviews.  Regardless of the commercial failure of this undertaking, Parvathy Menon won excellent reviews again with critics imagining she was "just brilliant" plus also a "dynamo" in her role in a Tamil refuge woman. The celebrity took a voluntary break after the film's release, determining to become choosier while picking scripts.

Parvathy Menon left her acting debut in the 2006 Malayalam film Out of Syllabus, portraying a supporting role for a college student.  Her second enterprise, Rosshan Andrrews' Notebook, won media attention due to its theme on teenage pregnancy. Parvathy Menon appeared alongside Roma Asrani and Mariya Roy, after being picked for a number of the three chief roles from five thousand applicants. Her first top role was at the Kannada film Milana, which became a commercial success upon launch. Pairing alongside Puneet Rajkumar, she was a surprise selection for the movie and began working on the movie at April 2007.  The film won mixed reviews, but the actress's role was praised using a politician imagining Parvathy Menon "was a excellent choice for the function", adding that "she's that ideal attitude for the function".  The film went on to become a huge commercial success, running for 500 days at a multiplex in Bangalore. Parvathy Menon returned into the Malayalam sector depicting the major feminine role in Sibi Malayil's Flash with Mohanlal and Indrajith, also before release revealed that Parvathy Menon hoped that the film would give a breakthrough for a lead actress in the industry. However, the movie failed commercially and garnered poor reviews on release.

Her very first release in 2013, was that the Kannada romantic movie Andhar Bahar co-starring Shivrajkumar, which told the story of this connection between a newly married criminal along with his wife. Parvathy Menon kissed together with her voice for the film again, revealing that she decided to star in the film as the character had extent for her to perform. The film opened to great reviews, with a politician imagining "Parvathy lights around the screen when she looks and is a delight to see". Parvathy Menon was seen in the 2013 Tamil thriller movie, Chennaiyil Oru Naal, featuring her along with an ensemble cast. The movie, a remake of this 2011 Malayalam film Traffic, has its story in a hyperlink arrangement and Parvathy Menon won great reviews for her small role as Aditi. She was then signed to article a major function in Bharat Bala's romantic drama Maryan reverse Dhanush. The director had seen her performance in Poo and then auditioned her for the part, with Parvathy noting the character has been the way she has played till date. Parvathy Menon depicted Panimalar, a woman in love with the titular character Maryan, that pushes him to conquer his struggles. During creation, the celebrity helped get into the head of this character from working with fisherman, while also learning how to swim to get underwater scenes.

To acclimatise into the function, the actress had to get her skin tone many shades darker and seen a firework factory to study Maari's job.  The actress revealed she found it difficult getting out of personality and became emotionally attached to the role she'd played.  Upon launch, the movie and her performance won rave reviews.  A critic out of noted "Parvathy Menon has dwelt in the use of Maari and takes away your breath as she effortlessly delivers such a tough role so convincingly on her debut in Tamil", adding that "she's always expressive and credible and completely riveting." Likewise's reviewer mentioned that Poo is "almost entirely Parvathy Menon's movie" noting that "she is brilliant", while Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu composed Parvathy Menon "makes optimum utilization" and "plays a rustic belle into the hilt in attire and saying, too having the body language" The actress subsequently proceeded to win Filmfare Award for the best Tamil Actress, while also securing different accolades and nominations from several other award juries, especially winning the Vijay Award for Best Debut Actress.

Parvathy Menon was selected to play the lead part in Sasi's Poo and featured alongside Srikanth, depicting the part of a young Tamil village girl named Maari. Parvathy disclosed she had to forgo twelve additional supplies to commit to the movie, imagining that Sasi selected her after a successful audition. During her schooling years, her family moved to Thiruvananthapuram and that Parvathy Menon pursued her studies.  She completed her education out of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pangode. Parvathy Menon is also a Bharatanatyam dancer. After completing her B.A. in English Literature from All Saints' College at Trivandrum, Kerala, she's presently pursuing her M.A. through distance education. Parvathy Menon was a successful television anchor in Kiran TV, also a full-time music channel based in Thiruvananthapuram.

Parvathy Menon's only release in 2009 was that the Kannada movie, Male Barali Manju Irali, directed by Vijayalakshmi Singh, in which Parvathy Menon phoned for its role in her own voice. Parvathy accepted the partnership, which included largely rookie technicians, noting she had been pleased with the director's script and disclosed she'd turned down many offers in Tamil film-makers during the time who had wanted to cast her in roles similar to her character from Poo. The film won excellent reviews, with a politician imagining "Parvathy enjoys the show" and that "she has one of the very consuming performances", adding that "her level of devotion to the function could be gleaned from the way Parvathy Menon is taken pains to dub in an alien speech almost perfectly."

The movie released to favorable reviews and successful box office collections in June 2013, with Parvathy's portrayal being overburdened by critics. A reviewer from mentioned Parvathy Menon "leaves a lasting impression", while another critic noted that Parvathy "is in sync with Dhanush all of the way; she's matched him step for step, never allowing him to overshadow her. "Times of India's review noted "Parvathy Menon is another pillar of the film, and comes up with a scintillating performance", including "it is such a pleasure to see her portray the several emotions". Her just 2014 release, Bangalore Times directed by Anjali Menon, had been a high commercial success, with reports asserting that it had been "one of their greatest hits in history of Malayalam cinema". In 2015, Parvathy Menon appeared in the love movie Ennu Ninte Moideen which uttered the tragic love tale of Kanchanamala along with Moideen which occurred in the 1960s at Mukkam, a riverside village in Kerala, India. The film opened to critical acclaim, with different critics regarding it among the greatest romance films made in Malayalam. Parvathy Menon born in 7th April 1987 is an Indian film actress from Calicut, Kerala, that stars in South Indian movies. Parvathy Menon made her debut at the 2006 Malayalam movie from Syllabus. Parvathy made her Bollywood debut with Hindi movie Qarib Qarib Singlle in 2017. Parvathy has won awards and accolades for her functions. In the 48th International Film Festival of India Parvathy Menon won the Best Female Jazz Award for Take Off.