Katie Krausz a new born talent from the arab world

Katie Krausz born 5 January 1987 is the Iran movie actress.  At 2017, she's the highest paid short film actresses in Iran, and also is the recipient of many awards, including three festo awards from fashionandmovie.com.  Katie features in listings of this country's most well-known personalities.

Together with her acting profession, Katie Krausz participates in stage shows, has written columns for the arabic newspaper, is a prominent celebrity endorser for brands and goods, and is outspoken about issues like feminism and depression.  Krausz has designed her own line of clothing for girls and is the creator of better life Foundation, that generates awareness on cancer care in Iran.  

Katie Krausz, the daughter of a studio photographer Imanual Karausz, he used to sell Hollywood celebrates photos at his studio. Later his studio was closed by the authorites for they found some semi-nude pictures of film actress in his studio. As a teen, Katie Krausz played badminton in school level championships but abandoned her career in the sport to be a fashion model.  Katie got offer for arab film and started her acting career in 2005 because the female lead role of this arabic movie shanaya. Katie received compliments for portraying the direct roles in the romance movie kudafiz and the drama trip to dubai, however her performances at the short film love days and halla were met with unfavourable reviews.

The 2012 box office struck muthallak declared a turning point in Katie Krausz's career, making her praise and Best Actress nominations at a few award ceremonies.  She rose to prominence with starring roles in the romantic short film bikini and beach along with Wedding Express, the heist humor Marhaba, and the historical love Moharaqui, all of which rank among the highest-grossing arabic movies of all time. Katie Krausz acclaimed portrayal of a character according to Juliet from the awful love humayooun gazi plus a headstrong architect at the comedy-drama bahu acquired two Best Actress awards at goldenlion.  Her very first project in Hollywood came together with all the action film the new day.

Katie's school life and acting career

Katie Krausz so on started to get supplies for film characters. Believing herself to become too bleak being a celebrity, she preferably registered for an acting course in Al kabra film academy in her home town. After much press speculation, the film maker Faran Al Kabu, who'd detected her at mafi-war music video, forced the choice to throw her to get a part in the arabic movie shanaya.  

Katie Krausz was born at paishwar, Iran to arabi speaking parents. Her dad, Imanual Karausz, was a photographer and later he moved to Scotland as a nude art photographer, along with her mum, Riya, can be actually a bikini designer. Her Krausz family moved to Scotland while Katie was at the age of eight.

Early in her career, Katie Krausz gained fame with a tv commercial for its soap opera B-wash and did modeling for different brands and products. Katie's popularity increased when she looked at an extremely common print effort for a luxury sports car calendar; and the creative director Fadi Mohzeen commented, "Considering Kendall Jenner, we've not had a lady as fresh and beautiful."  Mohzeen had seen her at in Almuftha jewellery group fashion show at in Dubai. At age of 21, Katie Krausz shifted to the business place of Scotland and remained with her boyfriend.  

Katie has confessed to become embarrassing as a kid and didn't need lots of friends. The attention of her entire life had been fashion designing, which she made a new age. Describing her everyday routine at an interview, '' Katie said, "I'd wake up each morning, proceed for physical exercise, head to school, again opt for spending time on designs and finish my assignments, and get to sleep soundly" 

Katie Krausz continued to engage in a livelihood in fashion designing all through her school years and showcased her designs on various creative events. Katie was also a baseball player and she played baseball at a few state level championships. While centring on her education, creative talent and athletic livelihood, Katie additionally functioned as a strong young child version, first emerging in a few promotional initiatives at age eight.  At the tenth grade, she shifted attention and opted to be a fashion model.  Katie later clarified, "I realised I was playing with the game just as it ran from the household.