Kerala police custody death: Criminals are still in the department?

Did Kerala police arrest the wrong Sreejith? An SIT headed by Crime Branch IG S. Sreejith has been formed to probe Sreejith's death.

Criminal rate increasing in police department day-by-day and the Home Minister can’t control their criminal action on public. Says the opposition leader Mr. Ramesh Chennithala. He also demands the resignation of Kerala CM, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan.  

A day after, 26-year-old Sreejith died following alleged custodial torture by Varappuzha police and that leads to his death, questions are being raised on whether the police arrested the wrong person in another case. 

Sreejith and his brother was arrested on Saturday after a 56-year-old Vasudevan hanged to death soon after a gang entered his house and allegedly threatened him and his family members. 

Kerala police had booked Sreejith and several others on charges of abetment to suicide and rioting. Sreejith however, died on Monday night, a day after he was admitted to hospital with abdominal injury.

After Varapuza residents blocked the National Highway with the body of Sreejith demanding an action against the corrupted cops, three police officers who took the victim into custody were placed under suspension on Tuesday night.

The suspended police officers are Jithin Raj, Santosh Kumar and Sumesh, all of them are belongs to the Kalamassery AR police camp at Kerala.

On Tuesday, Vasudevan's son Vineesh told the media that the police arrested the wrong Sreejith regarding his father suicide case. 

"I had taken the name of one Sreejith, but that is someone else who lives close to our house. Not that Sreejith, the cops arrested and killed. He is my friend and was not involved in threatening my father," Vineesh added to media. 

Vineesh’s revelation came on the media, Kerala police came under severe criticism following the death of the accused in custody. The State Human Rights Commission also expressed strong suspicion that Sreejith had died following custodial torture. The Human Rights Commission also ask to file murder case against three suspended police officers.

Manu, who is a friend of the alleged victim of custodial torture, has said that Vineesh and Sreejith, they were close friends. 

“The police confused Sreejith SR with another Sreejith who is also known as Thulasidas. Many others in the police custody are also innocent. The inability of the cops to arrest the first three accused and the sixth accused shows that they were trying to make do with whomever they got in the raids that night,” said Manu, as per a report by Disney Tom in The Times of India. 

Meanwhile, AV George, District Police Chief, Ernakulam Rural, said, “We have a signed copy of Vineesh’s statement, which clearly mentions the dead youth, Sreejith as one of the accused. We had also taken statements of all the victims before commencing the investigation and all the accused were identified with the help of those living in their neighbourhood.”

An SIT headed by Crime Branch IG S Sreejith has been formed to probe Sreejith's death. Reported on the news minute, a local news portal.

Political involvement to save the police.

The latest update is twist to the case involving the murder of 28-year-old Sreejith Varapuzha due to alleged police torture, a young man has claimed that local CPM leaders coerced his father to change his statement in favour of the police version.

Natives claim the political involvement is to save the police. 

Speaking to Manorama, a local news channel in Kerala, Sarath said his father, Parameswaran, who’s also a branch secretary of the CPM, had initially told him that he was not present at the time when Vasudevan’s home was attacked by a gang of peoples. 

Instead, he was working at the market and had come to know about the attack and the subsequent suicide of Vasudevan when he returned home.

It shows a political agenda behind this arrest and that leads to the murder. 

Sarath alleged that he saw his father later having a conversation with local party leaders Denny and K J Thomas post which he changed his statement to the police. In the statement, Parameswaran claimed that he was present at the spot when Vasudevan’s home was attacked and that he saw Sreejith among the gang members. Sarath told the news channel that he was friends with Sreejith and that the neighbourhood had now turned against their family because his father gave a false statement under party duress.

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