Kim Kardashian fragrance KKW Body with defends bottle design.

Kim Kardashian is continuing to push boundaries in the fragrance business with the launch of her new scent, KKW Body. The model, reality TV star and beauty entrepreneur's latest fragrance launched earlier this week, after days of teasing on social media. Dubbed "a summer fragrance," the scent comes packaged in a bottle moulded on the exact contours of the beauty mogul's naked torso, an artistic process she has been sharing with her 110 million followers on Instagram over the past few days. Kim Kardashian fragrance has creative bottle design and its hit in the fragrance market by now. 

The move has sparked controversy among fans, who have drawn comparisons between the KKW Body packaging and Jean Paul Gaultier's "Classique" fragrance bottle, which has been in the shops since the 1990s. The French designer himself appeared to wade into the debate with an Instagram post captioned "Keeping up with the fragrance's news!", while Kim Kardashian defended her design in an interview with the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. 

However, the debacle doesn't seem to have slowed down sales of the new perfume in a recent social media post, Kardashian wrote: "KKW BODY @KKW FRAGRANCE is doing so well! Thank you all for the successful launch it's so crazy to see how my fragrance business has grown in such a short period of time! This launch has had the best response out of all of my launches! This makes me so happy! I'm so grateful!" Its true Kim Kardashian net worth have increased after the fragrance success! 

The Kardashian perfume itself features top notes of bergamot and peach nectar, a heart of jasmine sambac and rose absolute turkey, and base notes of sandalwood, musk and golden amber.

Kim Kardashian launched her KKW Fragrance label last year, and her debut trio of scents, "Crystal Gardenia," "Crystal Gardenia Oud" and "Crystal Gardenia Citrus," sold out within days upon their release. A follow-up "Kimoji Hearts" Valentine's Day collection also went out of stock within days when it was released back in February.

Kim Kardashian responds about unisex body fragrance on social media.

The beauty industry has come a long way in breaking down gender stereotypes and proving that makeup and skincare is not exclusively for women. However, Kim Kardashian has reacted to a recent online debate over her latest KKW Fragrance drop by making it clear that forthcoming eau is geared specifically to women. Unsurprisingly, people had a lot to say in response about Kardashian fragrance.

"Is your new fragrance unisex?" asked one Facebook user, to which the beauty mogul quote-tweeted and replied, "No, but we have a unisex fragrance coming out in the fall." 

However, her public acknowledgment of the question and hint that more fragrances are in the works wasn't enough to keep people from voicing why fragrance is something that can be for all: "It’s just a fragrance. Scents are not genderized. Your fragrance is all unisex... unless females or males will melt if they use the 'wrong one,'” wrote one user. 

"If fragrance does smells good on me I will get it. But fragrance has no gender. All your new fragrances are clearly marketed for only women," wrote another, referencing Kim's crystal perfume collection, plus her Kimoji range of saccharine fragrance. 

The fragrance industry is a prime example of the genderization of beauty, and commenters bring up a really important point about the universal nature of beauty. However, the idea that a fragrance is "manly" enough for men, or "feminine" enough for women is something continues to fuel the market. 

Sure, different fragrance families are often marketed to different sexes, but that doesn't mean a guy can't rock a fragrance, or a woman can't wear a cologne. What's more is that brands like Malin+Goetz, Jo Malone, and Comme des Garçons have proved that unisex fragrances “can and do sell.”

However, this isn't even the first issue to surrounding KKW Body, which launches today on her site. After releasing her bottle design, Kim was accused of copying Jean Paul Gaultier's well-known Classique perfume bottles and re-modelled after a nude woman's torso. 

"Sculptures were my inspiration, but I love that bottle," Kim told Cosmopolitan. "It's iconic and celebrates the woman’s body, but my inspiration was a statue. I wanted to be really personal with my exact mold, but I’ve always loved the Gaultier fragrance bottles."

The bottom line? There's no rule book when it comes to fragrances, and while Kim definitely seems to think that KKW Body is for women only, we for one would love to see her take steps to ensure that no one feels excluded from the beauty conversation especially when she's made it clear that her makeup launches are meant to be shared with people of all genders.

How much is the Kim Kardashians fragrance?

If you're a beauty expert, you've probably been inundated with KKW Beauty news. The Kim Kardashian created fragrance brand has been working over time this spring, but it's not the only Kim K. brand to be doing the most. 

The new KKW Body fragrance just landed, and from its bottle to its fragrance, it's causing a major stir online. How much will the scent set you back, though? You may be surprised by its price.

If you haven't been following Kim Kardashian or her brands on social media, you have missed, well, a bunch of naked images of the reality star. While that's not so shocking, the sheer number of images of Kardashian's body was suspect. As it turns out, those images are all in promotion for the new KKW Body perfume. Fitting, right?

Kim Kardashians naked photos aren't just a marketing plan, though (but they're definitely part of one because duh), they're also from the day that Kardashian decided to create a cast of her body in order to make a mini KKW statue that would ultimately because the KKW Body fragrance bottle. Yes, that's right. KKW Body comes in an anatomically correct statue of Kardashian's actual figure, and it's kind of incredible.

Photograph Courtesy: Getty images