List of advertising jobs opportunity, an overview!

Students with degrees in advertising will locate a competitive job marketplace. Competition for work in advertising and marketing is tough because this industry customarily attracts more job seekers than there are job openings. Advertising job opening always available only in Metro cities is a drawback of this profession. A big list of jobs is in advertising, but now days the scope is getting reduce day-by-day.  

The draw towards advertising and marketing industry is your multimillion-dollar campaigns, and also the glamour surrounding in the job area attracts more job seekers towards the advertising job. Advertising industry have a list of jobs to just show case, after the computer took place the art work making job, the studio artists, a job section is completely out from the advertising industry. Art work artiest, Spray paint artiest and typography artiest all this job opening are no more available in advertising industry job.

Working with film celebrities for the promotion of products made advertising industry more glamorous and it attracted more professionals to work with it. The advertising industry used to pay high for the creative professionals that made more creative professionals like, Art director, Copywriter and Designers to choose their career in advertising. A new list of job opening are generated after the use of social media for the brand promotion and marketing. 

Creative agency’s in the marketing promotion and public relations sector organize advertising for other businesses and organizations and suggest attempts to encourage the interests and image of their clients. The advertising industry has a list of jobs to show case their creative talent in the area of print media, radio, social media, television, and the web. In addition, it has outdoor display advertising, direct mailers, billboards, bus branding, train branding and other innovative media. The demand for educated marketing professionals is rising as technological advances give advertisers more choices for the media where they advertise.

There are list of job guaranty offering art collages are offering advertising education worldwide. This collages provide a list of job seekers, who successfully completed the education to the top advertising agency’s in the country and selected candidates get a six months’ professional trainings and the job placements after the completion of their job training.   

It's possible to make an advertising degree at public and private colleges and universities, also committed technical and art schools that offer career certain advertising programs. Specialty schools frequently offer you two-year degree or certificate programs in marketing and advertising. Traditional five years’ university programmes provide advertising degree form most of the fine arts school worldwide.

The majority of people starting out in an advertising career is going to probably be required to hold a bachelor's degree with a liberal arts background. A BFA applied art or commercial art degrees should require for entry-level positions in the creative section as Jr. Visualizer. Assistant art directors, as an instance generally need at least a 3-year degree or 5 years’ diploma in the art or design school. Although junior copywriters don't require a level, acquiring one helps to develop the communication skills required for this task, BA English and good quality English writing skill is enough. Entry-level positions in the industry include account management, media planner, or market research internships, in combination with your schooling, will let you get a job when you graduate.

Completion of an internship is often a necessary requirement for many marketing companies. Besides an internship, talent for marketing, sell creative and design, bookkeeping and statistics will help get you prepared for work in this field.

List of Jobs in the advertising and marketing agencies. 

Creative director job profile in advertising.

The creative director is the most important position in the advertising agency. He is responsible for the quality of the creative jobs that deliver from the agency. The creative director should be a highly experienced and skilled person, with added leadership skills. His role is to provide overall concept to the art & copy departments. He should be able to handle all list of jobs in the creative department.

As he starts a job for a brand, the creative director study the list of market research findings and bring out a communication strategy and creates a creative concept which meets the brand strategy. Once the concept is transferred to the art and copy departments his job is to monitor the quality of the execution. The creative director schedule the list of jobs in the creative department as per the deadlines and prioritization chart provided by marketing and traffic department. Creative director has to advice the art director and copywriter or the copy head on the media to be used as the media planner would have provided him with the necessary media strategy. 

Creative director is also responsible for the final product in audio visual and BTL media. He has to monitor the production department for the quality of the final medium, be it brochure, flyer, exhibition stands, etc. Creative Director should have deep knowledge of all media and update himself on the new media available and how to utilize it creatively. He should be able to train his subordinates. Creative director has horizontal communication with media director and account director to plan the job strategy.   

Job opening for creative director is not very common, only very high creative talent can survive in the post for long. The one who is really good in creative and strategy they will have job opening everywhere also a good creative director will get the highest pay

Job as an art director in advertising.

The art director has lots of responsibility in his jobs list. Creative execution is the main one in his list of jobs. He is responsible for the execution of the concept that creative director provides.

The art director has to have an eye for detailing and perfection. He is responsible for the visual part of creative product. Art director will provide the visual interpretation of the creative director concept. He lays out the pages with the visuals and copy matter. The art director gives the visual idea to the visualizer who would source the visuals and do the necessary editing. 

The creative art director needs to have extraordinary skills in design software like Adobe Illustrator CS, In Design, Corel Draw and Photoshop CS to complete his list of jobs successfully on the deadline.

He has horizontal communication with the production manager, studio manager, and copy head. Art directors has to train his juniors like visualizers, web designers and graphic designers and reports to the creative director.

List of jobs for visualizer and graphic designer

The visualizer gets the visual concept from the art director. It is his responsibility to source for appropriate high-quality images, edit them using advanced software like adobe Photoshop CS, In-design, etc., and tailor-make it for the art director to adapt it in the layout. 

A visualizer has lots of responsibility in his list of jobs. Sr.graphic designers can also be a good visualizer and can bring creative ideas to the board. Visualizer and graphic designers always will have job opening in advertising agencies. Now days social media marketing has wide job opening for graphic designers. The one who have good in web designing have bright future in advertising and creative world.  

Web designing is the fast growing profession in the job sector, a creative web designer has lots of job opening in IT industry for web designers. He had lots of responsibility in his list of jobs too. A web designer should good knowledge in html and responsive web designs. He has to work with a php or dot net programmer to complete the project. Product management websites are the new opportunity for the fast growing e-commerce business industry. User interface designing, converting designs into html files, experience in flash animation, video creation and editing’s are some of them in a web designer list of job.

Advertising career as Copy Head

The Copy Head interprets the Creative Director's concept in words. He is responsible for the message in the creative product. The Copy Head studies the strategy, research materials, and marketing materials provided to him by various departments and craft a message. He writes the headline and does a copy framework which will be transferred to the Copy Writers to write the body copy or brochure copy. He has to monitor the overall quality of the copy, align it according to the concept and strategy. Copy head has to train his juniors and directly reports to the Creative Director.

Copy Writers and his list of jobs.

Once the copy writers get the copy frame work and the list of jobs to write the copy for the various media. Be it brochure, ad, flyer, poster, dangler, etc. They have to craft the copy get it approved from the copy head and adapt it to the various available media. The copy writers directly report to the copy head. The one who have good commend over English can start the career as a Jr. Copy Writer.  Content wring for the websites is also the job opportunity for the copy writers.

Production Manager

He is responsible for the quality of production of BTL and ATL jobs, supplier management, advice the Studio on the preparation of final CD, negotiation and finalization of rates of various production jobs, monitor the job with the suppliers, and ensuring on time delivery of the materials. He has an assistant for efficient co-ordination and dispatch. He in conjunction with the Account Manager prepares the estimate for all production jobs. He has to ensure the documentation is done properly like the delivery order, the quotations, etc. He should have deep knowledge of various technical aspects of all BTL activities. He has to ensure the agency gets the best quality at the lowest price. He directly reports to the Creative Director and seek his advice on creative execution of certain jobs.

Studio Manager

The Studio Manager is the overall in-charge of the Studio. Once the client approves a creative the entire files are transferred to the Studio where the final touches are done and the final CD is prepared. This department should be technically skilled in colour correction, and all the technical aspects of various media. The Studio manager in consultation with the Production Manager advices the DTP operators on the various aspects of preparation of CD of various jobs. He should be adept in all the editing and design software.

Media Director

Media Director is responsible for all the ATL jobs of the agency. He has to source all the print, electronic and new media available and create a comprehensive database. He is responsible for the media release rates, dates, and place. Media rates play an important role in the success of an agency. And the Media Director has to ensure the agency gets the best rates from all the media. Whatever media requirements the agency has, it has to go through the Media Director. He has a Media Planner and a Media buyer to assist him in negotiations, media planning, proposing communication budgets to various clients, etc. He should be well aware of the local and global media scenario and should be a well networked individual. He should also have knowledge of communication strategy planning so that he can align the media plan according to the overall strategy. He trains his juniors and directly reports to the Managing Director.

Media Planner

The Media planner studies the communication strategy and plans the media according to it. He has in-depth knowledge of the various media available and the readership/viewer ship profile of each media. He has to create a comprehensive database of print, electronic and new media so that he can pick and choose the necessary ones. He plans the entire Above the Line communication media for various clients and transfers it to the Account Manager. The Media Planner proposes the required media budget by studying the requirement of the client. Software’s are available in the market which enables the planner to create a successful media plan for a campaign.

Media Buyer

The Media Buyer is in direct touch with the media space sales department and negotiates for the best rates. He has to ensure that the agency gets the lowest media rates possible in every media. He should also be aware of the technical specifications of each media which will be communicated to the Studio Manager and Production Manager respectively. He also should update them on the material deadline of each media used. The documents like rate cards, and discount cards, copies have to be maintained by the Media buying executive. He reports directly to the Media Director for finalization of rates and communicates the rates to the Planner so that he can finalize on the budgets.

Account Director

He is responsible for the overall revenue generation of the agency. He holds the most important position in the agency. Although he is not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the client servicing department he has to ensure the smooth functioning of the department and motivate the executives to give their best and increase the revenue. He is in direct touch with the clients' Marketing head or Managing Director. He draws and finalizes contracts with various clients in consultation with the Managing Director of the agency. He has to draw strategies to retain the existing clients, get more billing out of them and provide directions to BDM for new businesses. He handles the major presentations of the agency. Well versed in communication strategy he should be able to bring a new perspective to client's business by adding value with new ideas and selling them to the client. As this proposal is for a Group agency the Account Director has to bring his expertise in servicing the Group companies efficiently and inducting new and fresh ideas. He has to train his subordinates and directly reports to the Managing Director as and when required.

Account Manager

The Account Manager supervises the activities of a set of clients. He is responsible for increasing the billing of the assigned clients. He has to give new ideas to the clients studying their needs. He looks into the day-to-day functioning of the assigned clients and supervises the Account Executives. He issues the "Creative Brief" to the creative department and a "Media Brief" to the media department. He works in tandem with the Account Planner to draw communication strategy with the help of media and creative departments and give presentations to the clients. He is responsible for selling the creative product which comes from the agency. He should convince the client on the proposed budget. He should monitor the current running campaign and solve glitches if any. He should keep track of client's seasonal needs and suggest various media to them and increase the revenue of the agency. He reports to Account Director weekly updating on various clients.

Account Planner

He is in-charge of planning how to increase the revenue from existing clients. He provides various sales promotional or direct marketing or PR ideas to the Accont Manager for assigned clients who in turn will convert them into concrete billing. He plans 3-6 months ahead for the Account Manager and reminds him of the seasonal billings. He works in tandem with Media team to create a sound communication strategy for major presentations. He arranges and manages market research for various clients according to their needs. He directly reports to Account Director on a weekly basis with updates on jobs.

Business Development Manager

As the name suggests he is key in bringing in new businesses. Targeting new clients and converting them into regular client is his area of expertise. He creates a database in consultation with the Account Director and targets the new clients and brings in the first opportunity to present to them. From there on the Account Director takes charge. The BDM's job is till getting a brief from a new client. Then he works in tandem with the Account Director to convert them to regular clients. Once the contract is signed a dedicated Account Executive is provided to service the client and the BDM can look for new opportunities. He has to train his subordinates and directly reports to the Account Director on a weekly basis with status.

Account Executive or Account Managers 

The Account Executive is the real face of any agency. He is directly in touch with the client on a day to day basis and provides them everything they need. He meets them regularly and executes and coordinates all the jobs. He initiates the campaigns, get the necessary documents from the clients like LPOs, approvals, etc. He has to maintain the job order folders and has to keep track of all the activities of his assigned clients. Most importantly he has to look into the accounts receivables of the assigned clients. With assistance of the accounts and admin department he can keep track of the receivables and remind them accordingly. He has to coordinate with internal departments for various things needed by the clients. He assists the Account Manager in executing the jobs and keeping track of it. He reports to the Account Manager on a day to day basis with updates on various clients' jobs.

Sales Coordinator

Coming directly under the BDM he maintains the database, does telemarketing to fix appointments with new clients that the BDM has provided in his target list, communicate them to the BDM, coordinate internal resources like profile presentations, marketing materials, and other things that the BDM require to convince a new client. He has to update the database and the profile with new work of the agency coordinating with the creative department and provide a strong support to BDM. Occasionally he assists the Account Executive with certain needs.