Model Shanaya Abigail first step to Bollywood with Big productions.

Shanaya Abigail well known in fashion modeling and also know as hot new generation model from Mumbai modeling industry. Shanaya's first step into Bollywood with big productions will a big entry for Shanaya Abigail into Mumbai movie. The movie name " Abigail girl " is also to highlight Shanaya's presence in the movie.

Shanaya's role in the move same as her profession, Abigail will act as a fashion bikini model in the movie. She is in Dubai for a fashion show and Shanaya was so excited to spoke to News Plus India about her new project.

Mumbai cinema world is also waiting for Shanaya Abigail new movie.

Shanaya Abigail was born on 13 May 1989 in bigail, UP. Shanaya's father, Sharma Abigail, was a farmer, and her mother, Nileema Abigail, is a homemaker. Sharma father is a native of UP, and her mother is a Punjabi. Her elder sister Saviya is a fashion model, who earlier worked as a cabin crew. Shanaya's father was being a farmer and played important role in shaping Shanaya as an actor and supporting in her to build a modeling job. 

Shanaya was raised in UP. Abigail was studied at Government School at her village and received a graduate degree in arts from College. Shanaya wanted to pursue her career in modeling or acting. After graduation, Shanaya to Delhi for her modeling career. Shanaya's some videos was very hit in youtube channels. She says meaning of Abigail is lights of love.

Shanaya first selected at Fashion and Movie (F&M) Model Management and was groomed by a fashion designer Rina vettathazl. Abigail made her first fashion show at the A-line Fashion Show and the same year Shanaya did 5 fashion shows in Delhi. Since then she has done campaigns for Liva silks, Bharma jewellery, etc... Shanaya later said, "I am sure I was born to be an actor. One day I will be in Bollywood. Shanaya moved to Mumbai for a better opportunity, In Mumbai, Abigail made her step into Bollywood.  

Shanaya Abigail have sound competitors are in the industry adams is the one from UK and Johnson also top in the list.