Nigerian Dapchi abductions: Schoolgirls finally back.

According to a Nigerian News agency the majority of those women and kids kidnapped by Boko Haram, over 100 schoolgirls, had released form the Boko Haram group have gone home four days. The women and kids were abducted by the jihadist terrorist group in February from the city of Dapchi from Nigeria. Kidnapping women and crime against kids by the Boko Haram group is a daily news in Nigeria.

Following their release from captivity Boko Haram jihadist group along with also a short psychological meeting with their parents, the school girls were flown into the capital to have a tea with the Nigerian president. It was good effort from the kid’s parents side to release them from the Boko Haram jihadist group.

The latest Nigerian news about women says the jihadist group ask the parents not to send kids to school. The terror group put full stop on the Nigerian kid’s future. The human rights violation in Nigeria is a daily story. The Nigerian army take back the kids to their home safely.

Nigerian president Mr.Muhammadu Buhari asks the health care authority do a medical check-up for the girls and to provide a free medicine the one who need it.    

On 19th of February the school girls had kidnapped from their school hostel and the government and military was trying to escape the school girls from the jihadi militant since today. After the long discussions with government authorities and the girl student s parents finally the Boko Haram terror group realised the group student with the condition that they never come back to the school for ever.  

The other big agenda of the Boko Haram jihadi terror group is converting Christian girls in to Muslims. From 110 girls who were kidnapped by the Boko Haram 109 girls had converted to Muslim and they had released to their home. The one who resist to convert to Muslim still under the custody of Boko Haram terror group. The girl one who held at the group have only option to convert to Muslim to save her life. The latest news from Nigeria is reporting is the held girl’s parents are talked to the girl and sked her to agree the Boko Haram groups conditions.  

The president Mr.Buhari had done an appreciated effort to save the school girls from the Boko Haram jihadi terror group.

An unauthorized source said the Buhari government paid 25 Million USD had paid to release the school girls. The religious conversion is just to hide the financial deal. The opponent of the government stated the government indirectly supporting the Boko Haram terror group.

All the kidnapped school girls were shifted to their village in 5 mini buses the parents had cheers at their face after two weeks. The village Dapchi is in the celebration mood. The only thing was heart them is the forced religious conversion done by Boko Haram jihadi terror group.

After the freedom from the Boko Haram group the Nigerian girls wear at the government host as a special gust. Three days they spend their and relaxed before going to their home. Nigeria news updated on the daily news.

The Cristian girls ware not participated in the celebration because of the forced religious conversion by the Boko Haram jihadi terror group. The highjack of the Nigerian school girls was an international sensational issue and medias was behind it until the president involvement to save the girls.

The jihadi group are an alert to check the girl’s residential status, Boko Haram want to make sure the girls never come back to school for ever.

Image courtesy African Kids