Priya Prakash Warrier new sensation in Indian movie industry! 

Priya Prakash Warrier Know as Priya P Warrier born in March 21, 2000 at Thrissur, Kerala, India. Priya P Warrier is a new actress in the South Indian and Bollywood film industry. Priya P Warrier established her acting career just from one movie song. After realising the movie song ( manikya malaraya poovi ) in youtube, in just 3 days 19 Million people watched the movie song. Before releasing the first movie, Priya P Warrier become famous in the filmy world. Priya P Warrier started active on the social media in short time and Priya achieved 3 Million followers in Instagram in just 3 days. Priya Warrier getting fruitful offers from South Indian movies as well as Bollywood movies. Priya P Warrier is the only actress become a celebrity in just 3 days from the Malayalam film industry.   

Priya P Warrier born in Punkunnam, Thrissur, central part of Kerala, Priya Prakash Warrier initially interested to study commerce and to build her career in banking sector. At the age of 17 Priya Warrier started showing some interest in modeling. Priya done some fashion shows at Kochin and she decided to get in to acting and modeling as the main career for the future.

Priya Prakash Warrier is the only one actress is just made millions hit on the web world by doing a wink. After deciding in to the acting career Priya P Warrier made her movie debut in Oru Adaar Love directed my Omar Lulu, for which Priya Warrier awarded the lifetime achievements of millions of followers in just days.

Priya P Warrier also signed contract with some local brands as a brand ambassador in the short time, its include a jewellery and food products. 

Priya Prakash Warrier faced some bad experience of the film industry before the movie get released. The lead song in the movie manikya malaraya poovi is hearting some religious sentiments and a religious leader had file a police complaint ageist Priya P Warrier and the film maker Omar Lulu. The director Omar Lulu is little concern about the religious sentiments and planning to withdraw the super hit song manikya malaraya poovi from Priya P Warrier’s first movie Oru Adaar Love. In the movie Priya Prakash Warrier handling the role as a teenage school girl and her performance is overall good and no one says it’s her first performance for a commercial movie. In the move Oru Adaar Love, Roshan Abdul Rahoof is handling the male lead role with Priya P Warrier. The backend team is really happy with the performance and the fast success of In Priya P Warrier in the movie Oru Adaar Love.

Priya P Warrier is become the new sensation is the social media platforms like Instagram and facebook. The college campus is in Kerala is celebrating the success of Priya Prakash Warrier 

After the jimikki kammal super hit viral song, Priya Prakash Warrier’s Manikya malaraya poovi made massive hit in the internet world. In USA some college students from Miami made a remake video of The Adaar Love movie song manikya malaraya poovi. In the remake video Ashley Niya replacing the Priya P Warrier. Overall performance of the remake video is average, Priya Warrier’s masterpiece wink can’t replace by anyone. Manikya malaraya poovi song music is composed by Rafeeque with the support of Shaan and team made the song hit with the visual support of Priya Prakash Warrier and Roshan Abdul Rahoof.

We are started practicing to wink like Priya P Warrier, says, Anu K Menon, studying in a Cochin based collage. Most of the collage students celebrating the success of Priya Prakash Warrier all the students gang is talking about the 19 million views in you tube and the 3 million followers of Priya P Warrier in Instagram. According to Riyaz a bachelor student from Kozhikode, it’s really magic, Priya P Warrier did wonders in just 3 days, I never thought she brake the followers record of Sunny Leonne, I can’t just believe the magic.

As the fan and followers grows, Priya P Warrier getting noticed by international medias, BBC and CNBC are already put her in the hit maker news list. Priya Warrier is bussy with attending calls and offers from Bollywood, according to a relevant source from her team says that she agreed to do a Bollywood movie with a top actor from the Mumbai film industry.

According to Sanjay Mathew a film maker from Bollywood, this some thing called time, it was not like the old days film career, you need to have lots of support from industry professional as well as media to come up in the industry, but now the scenario is changed, the audience is the king, if they like the work, they take you to the top though the social media, Priya P Warrier is just an example for it. Its good trend, the real talents can come up!

Priya Prakash Warrier Instagram followers crossed five million by now and she started charging for to promote brands through her social media page. The big achievement of the first song in the Malayalam movie on net made her multimillion followers worldwide. Another milestone that she achieved is that high paid for the Instagram brand promotion. Priya P Warrier started charging 8 lacks for each brand promotion on Instagram. 

18-year-old Priya Warrier, just from a wink made an overnight sensation in the internet and made all world to follow her in social media.