Qatar to update child rights legislation as standards.

Kids are the most vulnerable element of any family and society across the world and will also be the future of a bright nation. Middle east is now updating the child rights and the first step is taken by Qatar state.

The child rights event highlighted that Qatar is dedicated toward procuring child rights and care on both the legislative and sates level. Constitution of Qatar State already contains legal provisions which consider household, maternal and child rights.

It was emphasized that Qatar has field the convention on the rights of the child which makes it portion of its internal legislation. The child rights protection law updates are applicable for every one who live in Qatar. If it’s the expatriates or the Qatar citizen. 

Meanwhile, the Minister of administrative department, Labour and social affairs Dr. Issa Saad al-Jafali al-Nuaimi said the value of improving child civilization, consolidating, protecting and promoting child rights and yanking their creative ability to make a new creation which can direct the foreseeable future. As part of the improvement of quality life the Qatar taking the first step in Middle east and implementing the child rights law.

He stressed that's a significant element in attaining and maintaining a favourable communication involving another generation as well as the society. Future of the nation is children and for them to build our country strong, we have to make sure the child rights are in place and it works well in all manner. 

Dr. Saad further worried this is a joint responsibility of accountable forces from the society like household, educational associations, preachers, media outlets, civil organisations and the total atmosphere. School and collages have important role to build a child character, their future is with the school where they get the foundation. This new implementation in the child care law will give more protection to children at home as well as their education centres.   

Protecting child rights is among the significant aims of Qatar National Vision 2030, in sync to attain sustainable improvement. To reach the same, the government is accepting attempts toward upgrading the programs which guarantee rights. As Qatar state did the first step to protect the child rights, we hope that the entire gulf country’s will follow our path to protect the child life to make better world.

Additionally, as procuring child rights needs participation from many sectors of their society, the ministry is likely and carrying a variety of actions to spread social awareness and increase intellectual, behavioural and factual levels in kids of their society. The intention is to encourage and stimulate appropriate behaviour where people communicate socialize with preceding and coming productions, to increase academic, social, health, cultural, abilities, intellectual, literary and creative scenes among kids in Qatar in a variety of fields. The next step will be doing a marketing campaign to make awareness about the child rights in parents and publics. As we noticed, some school staff not behaving to the children at their study, the law implementation is applicable in this area too.   

What's more, the effects on kids in political disasters like the diplomatic blockade has been pointed out as a breach of global law and human rights, particularly considering that the rights of kids whose families are separated. The family issues are should not affected to the child rights, the new law states it.

Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) chief executive officer Amal Abdullatif al-Mannai dedicated that QFSW will encourage the fundamental rights of children like the right to individuality, bodily ethics, education and accessibility to all services and information, in addition to residing in the household, physical and mental rehabilitation, social reintegration, and also the right to enjoy all rights with no discrimination, such as the right of the disabled and orphan kid to lead a nice life. Some companies also started doing the social awareness campaign about the protection of child rights on social media and mainline media.