The President Trump is not happy with Pakistan the way they handling terrorists.

The USA has significantly contributed Pakistan over 33 billion dollars in aid during the past 15 decades, and they've given us only lies, deceit, considering our leaders as fools, " Trump tweeted Monday morning. They provide safe haven to the terrorists we hunt at Afghanistan, jointly with very little aid. No more! Now it’s the time to stop giving fund to Pakistan. The New York Times reported that the US will deduct $255 million in aid to Pakistan as a consequence of Trump's frustration over its handling of terrorists in the country. White House officials met to select whether to cancel the help, " the Times reported.                                                      

Pakistan has fought hard and endured significantly against these terrorists committed to its authorities, today we're asking them to focus on the terrorists that are attacking Afghanistan and attacking the coalition that he lasted. The USA was obvious about the path you would like to go, and we expect to come across some shift in the coming months. Compared to his tweet Monday, Trump at October was talking about how much Pakistan currently admired the United States. In his very first tweet of this new year President Donald Trump slammed Pakistan, stating that the nation has awarded the US nothing but only establishes.  

This is a really not a favourable time for the country's relationship with Pakistan, '' Trump said, adding that the Pakistani government's alliance is a sign that is honouring America would like to make it perform more to provide security in the region. Trump said Pakistan is starting to honour the USA again. Following American Caitlan Coleman along with her husband, Joshua Boyle, were freed as Taliban inmates, the President commended Pakistan's alliance with the United States of America.