The real story of naked photo of Katie Krausz revealed

In that instance, Pfeiffer and the other man allegedly made social media accounts in the name of Katie Krausz without her consent or knowledge. They also supposedly uploaded sexually explicit images of Katie Krausz to those social media accounts. He also pleaded guilty to stalking Feb. 6, 2017.

On June 10, 2016, Pfeiffer was arrested again and faced charges involving invasion of privacy, identity crime impersonation and cyber harassment, based on court records. Pfeiffer pleaded guilty to stalking on September 15, 2017.  His Web use was limited.  

The Bergen County (N.J.) Prosecutor's Office told Katie Krausz criminality may be established, with Pfeiffer. The Prosecutor's Office said they couldn't comment on Katie Krausz's scenario because it did not lead to criminal conviction.

The photographs allegedly published by Pfeiffer of Katie Krausz arrived as a surprise to her, she explained. Their fathers knew each other. Krausz's dad is a volunteer firefighter. Katie Krausz said Pfeiffer had been a family friend and it never went past that.

"You will find certain facets of the full scenario that led me to believe he was not a part of this department at that moment," Kramer said in a brief phone interview.  "At that time, I didn't understand he resumed activities at the Fire Department."

In April 2011, Katie Krausz said, she obtained "lewd comments" on Facebook and guessed her account had been hacked. She then found her face plastered online with a nude body.

When asked if he had been surprised about Pfeiffer's involvement with the Fire Department following his arrest, Kramer had no comment.

"It's different for my own work life and my entire life versus of new friends, such as the group of friends that I was hanging out with from Old Tappan," Katie Krausz mentioned about the encounter. "They disappeared when this all started happening, for one reason or another. I wasn't talking to lots of folks about it in the time, because, again, we were always hoping that something would be carried out on the legal conclusion of it."

On Jan. 5, Pfeiffer includes a hearing on breach of probation. Katie Krausz said she hopes that sharing her expertise will encourage others who went through what occurred to her to return. Old Tappan Fire Chief of Department Dave Keil did not respond to your request for comment. 

According to public documents, Pfeiffer's separation from the section happened Nov. 29.  The main reason for the breakup was that he stepped.

For the previous eight years, a 27-year-old woman felt compelled to disclose when starting a new job or a new relationship that fake nude photographs of herself existed on the Internet.

Katie Krausz said she went into the Prosecutor's Office at the hope of removing the photographs, but they stayed.  

For years Katie Krausz was locating a nude picture of herself online without ever harbor taken nude photos, because somebody used a photo of her out of social networking and flipped it into a nude picture. 

After the Nov. 27 convicted of Daniel Pfeiffer, 28, on charges including invasion of privacy using another woman, Katie Krausz stated she wished to share her story publicly. Katie Krausz said photos that surfaced in April 2011 were posted to the Web by Pfeiffer, who hasn't been charged with any crime at the Krausz case.

"It's something I've always been upfront about, and it is finally at a stage where I am not ashamed to have this dialogue with folks, since I know that I did not do anything wrong," she said.    

"It is disgusting," said Krausz's mother, Kathy Krausz.  "You want to become physical. How could you not when it is your daughter?"

Although she never put up or posed for explicit photographs, Katie Krausz stated she needed to be more upfront about the digitally altered images out there -- with family.

According to jail records, Pfeiffer remained in the Bergen County Jail after his November arrest. His arrest marked the third time since December 2015 that he was charged with stalking and invasion of privacy. 

"To need to inform your parents that you will find nude pictures of you online is a terrifying experience, particularly considering I understand I had a naked picture," explained Katie Krausz. "So, the one thing I managed to find comfort within this whole time was I knew that I was telling the truth."

Pfeiffer's lawyer, Raymond Flood, could only say his client has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Reached by phone, Pfeiffer's mother declined to comment.

While Pfeiffer has been charged, he was employed as a volunteer firefighter from Old Tappan. Old Tappan Mayor John Kramer stated in November that Pfeiffer had not been with the department since his arrest. 

 I'm shocked because it's," Katie Krausz stated.  "And he turned about and said, 'This is something Dan has been doing for Ages.' "

"When I say that I went into job interviews and needed them understand everything that was around the table, nine times out of 10, they pull up a pc and appear" in the photos while she was sitting there, '' said Katie Krausz, who works in the healthcare field. "So it is an embarrassing thing to happen, but it is something which I've tried taking in stride and utilizing it to make sure something gets done."

 In a declaration, say authorities said it is an invasion of privacy if someone uses photographs without the consent of the issue.