Two people killed in Alappuzha highway and SI Soman suspended.

Sub- inspector Soman has been put under suspension after two men killed in a street mishap happened in police assessing two weeks back on NH 66 at Kanjikuzhy in Alappuza (Kerala sate).

SI Soman, Kuthiathodu police station was suspended and two police officers get punishment transfer, who was along with SI Soman for the police action that cause two people deaths at Kanjikuzhy in Alappuzha.

On Sunday after the death of two individuals in a road accident which happened allegedly through police chasing for the helmet hunt at Kanjikuzhy, near Mararikulam, two weeks past.

SI Soman was suspended according to an enquiry report by District Police Chief S. Surendran. The officer has been in control of the street patrol staff between Alappuzha.

Mr. Surendran stated department-level action could be initiated against senior civil authority’s officer D. Suresh Babu (Sr. CPO) and another police officer T.S. Ratheesh, that had been part of the police crime.

Vichu, 24, was killed and four members of a family were injured when two bikes collided after a patrol team supposedly obstructed the method of a single premature on March 11. On Saturday, one of those wounded, Sumi, 35, died in a hospital. Shebu, her husband, said that they had been coming home with their two kids once the police authorities put their car across their own motorbike, leading to the crash and two deaths. Harsha and Sri Lakshmi both had injured in the accident and admitted at hospital for better treatment.

The same kind of incident happened at Mavelikera another city of Alappuzha, police chased a biker and put the police jeep across his bike and he luckily saved his life. The Mavelikara ward councillor did a sleep strike at the Mavelikara police station against the police act on the road.  

Mr. Kutty, a resident from Alappuzha says, the Kerala police is acting like criminals in the name of helmet hunt, they just killing people. Helmet hunt is not save the public life, its just for to make the money for them. It’s not only the story of Alappuzha every part of the Kerala states police behaves like this. The government should take strict action against the police criminals like dismissing from the service or degrade their post and reduce the salary, then they will behave decently. They may get maximum three-month suspension for this crime, they enjoy that 3 months with his family once he back in the service he gets the full salary.

Another incident happened at Arikkodu police station was a press reporter went to the police station to enquire about a local police act and he tried to take a picture of a sign board was kept at the station and police, hit the press reporter Mr. N.C Mohammed Sharief and he is admitted in Manjeeri Government Hospital. The media staff welfare association had given a complaint against the police action to Chief Minister and no action have been taken yet.