Want to get one same like Kim Kardashian feet?

Here we reveal the secrets of Kim Kardashian feet and she keep it healthy and beautiful day-by-day.  

Every one must wonder how Kim Kardashian feet are always hygiene and shine? On all occasion, if it’s a shooting place or an event or in the beach, just check the Kim Kardashian feet, it’s make you wonder, pain-free happy feet. Our health care and cosmetics experts had a research about the Kim Kardashian feet secret, the out come is very simple, just few things that she does regularly to keep her feet clan and looks beautiful.  

Self-exam on feet is one of the first and most important thing you should do regularly, if you want your feet look same like Kim Kardashian feet you have no other option then just a regular check on all fingers and nails every day. Checking feet on everyday basis it will help to keep away from any foot problems and you can active every day by moving outside. 

A New York based podiatrist says Kim Kardashian feet are in excellent condition if she walk one hour in road, a regular and unique care is most important to achieve to this success. Especially while shooting in bare foot like climbing mountain or running on a tough road, it will be a real challenge for celebrity like Kim Kardashian.

What Kim Kardashian does regularly on her feet?

Once you notice the Kim Kardashian feet its always clean and dry. She keeps her feet hygiene it’s the main reason for Kim’s healthy feet. She deeply clean daily twice her feet with foot wash and rub the scrub with branded soap. Also before every bath Kardashian massage her feet with olive oil to get good shine. After the bath Kardashian does her feet dry with soft cloth, it absorbs all the moisture and keep away from any kind of fungal organism. Wetness foot can easily affect by organism fungal and it can take away the shine of the feet. Her personal parlour experts say that Kim Kardashian feet is very flexible its easy and fast to get dry between the fingers with soft cloth and she will make sure all the areas of foot are dry before wearing the shoes. So, there is no chance to get any kind of fungal infection on her foot.  

Kardashian Exam her foot while on bath after it get wet. Its good to check all areas of foot while it wet, and checks the sole of Kim Kardashian foot for the skin peeling. Wet foot can easily remove the peeling skin with just water and bath soap. Scaling of skin can also she removes from just in a water wash. Next this is that she checks that on her foot is dry clouds mark and the conditions of nails. Kim Kardashian’s feet are any kind of discoloration and she always keeps ways the nail fungus. She takes less sugar for to avoid the foot sores. 

Keep the nail clean

Every week Kardashian cuts her nails, and she makes sure that will cut touch to skin, while cut the nail she makes the nails corners are curve, its avoid the sharp edges of nail to touch other fingers and making uncomforting for Kim Kardashian feet. She has been updates nail polish every week that give fresh looks for the foot and it keep away fungus from it. Taking regular care on nail can make the foot more bright and healthy.

Socks at the workout.

Kim Kardashian feet is covered by hygiene socks while she at gym. Its protect from to get affecting from any kind of fungus from the work out shoes. The personal gym keeps her feet safe from any kind of fungal infection. Kardashian always make sure the hygiene of swimming pool before she uses at any hotels or resorts. If its in the shooting location, she makes the necessary safety precautions before entering in to any un hygiene place without shoes.