While you travel over Kerala, don’t forget to taste the yummy Wayanadan kozhi curry.

I am Sem Levie Lukas a world traveler form Netherlands, recently done a trip to Kerala, south part of India with my traveler friends. This trip was made very interesting with the yummy Kerala foods.  

Our Amsterdam travelers group made this year trip to Kochi, Kerala, the beautiful seashore has lots of thing for travelers. I am sure every one will love the house boat as we did.   

I have experienced good Kerala dishes there, I have really say thanks to Mr. Vishnu V Kurup executive chef. He treated us well with some awesome food dishes like Wayanadan kozhi curry, Mutton Soup and Kuttanandan Pothu Ularthu.

Vishnu V Kurup made our days in their resort. I suggest you guys should try his dishes at least once. The local flavors and international cuisines comes easily in hand of executive chef Vishnu. The local flavors names are really crazy and amazing, the fusion dishes are mind blowing. 

We all are love with it and promise will go again to have the blissful delight.

The executive chef Vishnu V Kurup is not only a trained professional cook, who is focusing particular cuisine but also the director of a kitchen. Chefs can receive formal training from an institution, but being an experienced chef, need practical experience, ambitious life experience and solid grounding to mould the foods incredible.

More about executive chef Vishnu V Kurup.

Chef Vishnu V Kurup works in hospitality and food industry, his father Mr. Vijayadasa Kurup was running catering business at him hometown Mavelikara. Vishnu learned his first lessons of taste making from his father. At the young age Vishnu was so much involved at his father catering business and that made his mind to be a chef.

After Vishnu Kurup finished his schooling from the native place Mavelikara, he went to Coimbatore to gain a hotel management degree from Karpagam College under Batrathiyar University. After successfully finished his study he got industrial training in various hospitality department and finally stick to (kitchen)- food production department.

He worked with International hotels in India, UAE and USA. After a long scuffle he got an invitation from executive chef Alex Darvishi to work with him at Texas in USA. There he got great chance to perform and learn more to fulfill his dream and got the chance to prepare food to former US President George H. W. Bush.

Houston country club gave the practical contact and observation in international cuisine to executive chef Vishnu Kurup in 2016.

Since 2018 he working with Nihara Resort and Spa at Kochi as executive chef. Vishnu done various television Cookery shows with top Malayalam TV channels in India.

Kurup’s spouse Sreedevi Ramesh is a bio-technologist and daughter Shreya Kurup both are always encouraging him for his success as a well know celebrity chef. His mother Latha Vijayan is great cook in traditional Kerala foods and Vishnu’s brother Vinayak is an electrical engineer and works in India.

Before starting his hospitality career as a Kitchen Executive, He was associated with USA culinary experts.

With extensive knowledge and core competency in developing and maintaining guest relations, menu planning, kitchen & restaurant designing and training hotel staff in hospitality and soft skills. Chef Vishnu Kurup in also a chef trainer for hotel staff and institutions.

He has worked for the various hotels in India like Residency group, Kamyagam group of resorts, Allseasons hotels & resorts. Vishnu also received Indian CDC for cruise ship jobs.

He has also studied culinary technique from Houston Country Club under the guidance of chef Alex Darvishi, and learned Mexican foods & Texan street foods. 

TV channels from Kerala showed assorted television culinary cooking programs about tradition foods with executive chef Vishnu V Kurup. His major shows are..

• 101 taste spots (mangalam)

• Salt and pepper (kaumudi )

• Taste time (Asianet )

He is also developed own fusion cuisine such as...

• Ayursouykhya ( ayurvvedic food )

• The ethnic food life (soul of food)

• The spicy Kerala (spicy foods from interior part of Kerala)

• Akshayapatra (never failing for supply of foods) 

• Amirthasurabhi (fragrance/aroma)

Born and brought up in a catering family that inspired him to become a chef. The decision to pursue a culinary career was not planned, but soon after finishing his schooling he decided to take up a nursing degree and work in the health care industry. His father decided to send him to get a professional hotel management degree. 

From Barathiyar University, he finished his hotel management degree and after finishing industrial training in different multinational hotels, he got an opportunity to work on all functional aspects of a hotel.

At this time, he decided kitchen as his career zone. That’s how he ultimately decided to become a chef.

Vishnu’s role model is his father is Mr vijayadasa kurup. According to him “my father who was a catering business man and a great cook, a man who wears many leadership hats beyond the four walls of the catering group, is one & only role model/trainer and a guide in my hospitality life”.

“Every moment always gives an experienced memory the delightful feedback from guests gives me immense pleasure as well as enriches his culinary soul”. Vishnu added to it.

Check here his some show reals.

Taste Spots

Taste Time 1

Prawn Dish

Taste Time 2

Taste Time 3