Young man dies after shot out at Miami.

Miami shootout is a continues story for the public.

Danny Alvarez, a 17-year-old student died after being shot in his back-head at Brownsville in Miami. The Miami police officer Kenia Fallat said the man was serious in the first stage itself and rushed to hospital where the doctor declared his death. The Miami shootout is not a single incident, every week 3 or 4 people dying in shootout or another attack by criminals. Most the crimes are happening at the mid night, people are scared to go out at the night for party’s.

According to Mr. Paul Culas, a night club manager, 30% sales went down after the continues shooting and attacks on the public in just two weeks’ time. The criminals are targeting the pub customers and they have clear crime plan to loot them, most of the time the criminal attacks are end up with a shootout.     

Most of the time the crime motive will be a robbery, the tragedy is it end up some one’s life.

Coming back to the Brownsville shootout, the crime motive is uncertain, not much information about the case, and in this stage not able to comment more now. The police officer Kenia Fallat added about the case.   

"Please, allow me to find out who did so," the distraught mother said in Spanish. 

The 17-year-old student's mother, Maria Alvarez, stated he had been murdered a block away from his home at Southwest 31st Avenue and Southwest Fourth Street near the iconic Versailles Cuban Bakery. 

"Regardless of the motive for this horrific crime, our community has lost yet another young person before his 18th birthday," Carvalho wrote. "My thoughts and prayers are with those who adore Danny Alvarez."

Miami-Dade County school superintendent Alberto Carvalho expressed outrage on Twitter. 

A neighbour stated this is the second disaster to strike the Alvarez family.  

Danny Alvarez used to play basketball on precisely the exact same street in Miami's Little Havana where he was murdered on Saturday. 

Miami shooting news are common just now days, once you open the newspaper, there must be at least minimum of two murder or shootout in Miami itself. A resident from Brownville told to newsplus.

Shooting at Miami airport.

A man entered to the Miami airport restricted area with knife, he shoots by police and cleared the passenger’s panic. The Miami airport was fully crowded with passengers to Florida, an unknow man entered to safety area of the airport and police couldn’t stop him before reaching the airport security area.

The man was behaving inconstant at the airport with gun, later he moved to international flight terminal J. Miami-Dade police informed the media.    

Later airport authorities are twitted “Don’t need to get any panic, airport safety is under control” 

Terminal J, the incident took place is closed for few days for the security purpose.

This 2nd time shooting happening at Miami airport. Last year armed person entered to the airport restricted area and created panic situation. Police has cleared the situation by shooting him.  

The city Miami witnessed massive shooting in last year, the crime range is increasing day by day at Miami. 

Miami shooting at gay club

The gay club shooting at Miami was worse one overseen. The massive shootout attack was done by an ISS agent. Gay club shooting killed more then 55 people on the spot and injured 70 people are shifted to a hospital at Orlando. The shootout happened this Sunday morning.

The IS agent Omar Mateen was planned this attack a month before and was waiting for a large crowd at the pub.